Applying & Hiring – Part 3

Job Interview


It’s that time of year during which our interactions with student teachers change as practicums have concluded or are in the home stretch.  Attention for many, besides upcoming university classes, now turns to the application process.

Like many other districts, we receive hundreds of applications.  Not all are considered for an interview.  However, we want each applicant to put their best foot forward and increase their chances of a successful application.

Below are some of the topics which have arisen during our meetings with student teachers and the advice specific to our District:


Cover Letters

    • Consider what you want to highlight in your cover letter and how this information will set you apart from other applicants
    • Ensure the necessary changes are made if using the same cover letter for applications to more than one District
      • “I’m applying to theFeilding School District because….”
        • (our HR Department hires for the North Vancouver School District… and Feilding is in New Zealand – nice place by the way….)
    • Pay attention to details
      • “To:  Mr. key, Superintendent of scho0ls” (as opposed to “Mr. Kee, District Principal”)
    • Smelling Spelling counts
    • Fancy fonts not necessary


    • If more than 1 page is necessary to illustrate qualifications and related professional experience…
      • use more than 1 page
    • Provide relevant information
    • Pay attention to details
    • Spelling counts
    • Fancy fonts not necessary


  • Receive permission from your professional references before their names and contact info are submitted
  • Use your Faculty Advisor and School Advisor(s) as references
  • “References available upon request”
    • *** This is our request ***



  • We are aware that upcoming school district interviews will be among the first professional interviews for many applicants
    • Marks are not deducted for nervousness
  • We use behavioural based questions
  • Questions are not designed to trick or stump
    • We want applicants to show us who they really are
  • Questions will cover a number of different areas including curriculum, instruction, assessment, social emotional learning, and classroom management
  • Portfolios
    • If bringing a portfolio to the interview consider how it might be used when answering specific types of questions as opposed to a show-and-tell at the end of the interview
    • If using an e-portfolio make sure the technology works before the interview (including Wi-Fi if needed)

Looking forward to receiving applications!




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photo credit: Application – pen via photopin (license)


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