From Student Teacher to Teacher/TTOC


I was recently invited to speak to Elementary and Middle Years Teacher Candidates at one of our local universities about the application and hiring process in our school district.

The application and interview processes for getting that first position shouldn’t be a surprise, trick, or a mystery.  It’s important to set the stage to enable applicants to best show who they really are and what they can potentially bring to not only the school district but, more importantly, the students in our classes.

Establishing opportunities for success for each student in our schools/classes is so important.  Likewise, we want our applicants to have every chance for success as they apply and interview for their first teaching opportunities.

While I was speaking from the context of our own organization, the intent was to offer guidance and suggestions as Student Teachers prepare to apply anywhere.  There are great things happening across the province in every school district, and I hope that university students who are preparing to join our ranks are provided not only quality opportunities through their job searches, but opportunity and encouragement to pursue their passions.

The presentation is shared below.

Other helpful posts for those applying and hiring can also be found here:

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Please share your thoughts, links, and recommendations for our future colleagues.

photo credit: jon.liu via photopin cc


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