Applying & Hiring – Part 2

Job Application

Now that the school year is underway, among other things, we turn our attention back to the recruiting process.  Over the coming months we will be attending job fairs at the local universities to meet students in their final year of teacher preparation.

Also, in the New Year I’ve been asked to speak to student teachers at one of the universities about the process of moving from a teacher candidate to teacher.

The presentation will include suggestions to consider when applying and interviewing for positions.  I previously posted links to blog posts about applying and interviewing for both job seekers and employers [here].  I hope to draw attention to select posts which are still active and some of the newer ones I’ve come across (below) during the presentation.

I’d be interested to know if there are other posts which would be useful to share with pre-service teachers, but also points for student teachers to keep in mind as they are preparing applications and for interviews.

Please share your links and thoughts.


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