Applying & Hiring

Over the last few weeks I had an opportunity to meet some of the student teachers in our district. While there are still more I’d like to meet, this was a good start to the Spring application and hiring process.

The student teachers asked some great questions, and some of the posts I’ve read provide a variety of points to consider in response to those questions.

I previously posted some of my own thoughts about hiring [here], and, as I wrote, we continue to look for ways to improve our processes to attract and hire the best candidates possible.

We have been developing screening rubrics to help assess applications at each stage of the process, including university training, student teaching, and references.  We also earlier began revamping our interview questions, again using rubrics to better assess each candidate.

We have recruited and hired some excellent teachers in the past; however, we continue to make adjustments.  We have a number of administrators who we will include in screening and interviewing this Spring, and we hope our work will provide increased consistency in hiring.

Below are some posts, articles, and reports I’ve come across over the last while, which hopefully will assist applicants and interviewers as they prepare.

I also plan to update this post as I come across additional/new resources.






Emotions available upon request. by @l_hilt

Autonomy in Teacher Training? by  @mrwejr

Dear Teacher Applicant by @johnnybevacqua

What do Principals Look for When they Hire? by @peterjory

Response: What Principals Look For In A Prospective Teacher by @larryferlazzo

Cover Letter Tips via Education Week

How to Write a Cover Letter That Employers Will Actually Read via @makeafuture

The Rules that Guide Great Teachers by @coolcatteacher

“What do you mean I can interact with your resume ?” – 21st CENTURY RESUMES by @mr_levy1

How To Redesign Your Resume For A Recruiter’s 6-Second Attention Span via @makeafuture

Your All-in-One Interview Prep Guide via The Daily Muse

Spring Clean Your Resume (in Less Than 2 Hours!) via The Daily Muse

Student Teaching via @peterjory

Teacher Vitae and Resume Suggestions by The EDU Edge

How Important is GPA in Getting a Teaching Job? by The EDU Edge

8 Top Resume Mistakes to Avoid via @makeafuture

Student Teaching Right Now? To Ask or Not to Ask Your Principal to do an Observation… That is the Question. by The EDU Edge

Top Strategies for Selecting References for a Teacher Interview by The EDU Edge

How Your Social Media Profile Could Make Or Break Your Next Job Opportunity via

Top 10 Ways to Make It Through The Initial Screening for a Teaching Position by The EDU Edge

Interview Snafus via Texas Principal





Behind the Mask: How to Effectively Evaluate a Candidate Before Interviewing via @janetstewart

Are Teacher Preparation Programs Dangerously Irrelevant? guest post at Dangererously Irrelevant

What Do We Need Our Teachers To Be? by @l_hilt

Teacher Diversity in Canada: Leaky Pipelines, Bottlenecks, and Glass Ceilings via @makeafuture

Personalized Learning: A Human Resources Perspective on Hiring 21st Century Educators by @janetstewart

Treat job candidates well, or risk a backlash via @janetstewart

Possible Interview Questions for Teachers by @gcouros

Staffing: What It Is and Isn’t! via Education Week

6 Common Hiring Mistakes – And How You Can Avoid Them via @bchrma

Hiring Wisdom: Do Your Interview Questions Look For Positive Outcomes? via @bchrma

TEACHER “DRAFT” by Tom Grant

HR for Principals: Interviewing & Hiring Part I by School HR

HR for Principals: Interviewing & Hiring Part II by School HR

HR for Principals: Interviewing and Hiring – The Postscript by School HR

On Your Mark, Get Set, Interview by School HR


(photo credit: Samuel Mann via photopin cc)


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