2011 Blogs and Posts

Being fairly new to Twitter and following blogs (approx. 9 months), I have not yet built my PLN to the extent that I envisioned. However, there are a number of blogs and posts which have extended and challenged my thinking regarding a variety of issues, and provided irreplaceable professional development. I have a great appreciation for those who continue to put their thoughts out on a regular basis.

I have not created a “Best of…” or “Top 10…” list, as everything I have read has had an impact in one way or another.

Below is a sampling of a few blogs and posts which I have had the good fortune to come across, and have left some kind of mark on my thinking and, as a result, how I operate.

Thanks for posting and Happy New Year!



Thinking about Leadership

This we know. This we do.

Ed Praxis – Philosophy in Action



Ten Roles for Teacher Leaders

She met the learning outcomes…but she doesn’t deserve to pass.

Passing the Puke

Student Commitment Depends on Teacher Committment

So You Want to Be A Principal?

Technology Does Not Equal 21st Century Learning

Watching the Red Flags…..Dropout Prevention

The Principal’s Office – Getting Kids Out of Trouble

Preparing Students for the Future … Not the Past

How Micromanagement can take a Leader’s Eye off the Ball

We are “The System”

Have High Expectations? Provide High Support.


Homework Why’s and Homework-Wise


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