What got our students there? – Part 2


The other night I came across an article entitled “Why Alternative Education Needs to Go Mainstream.”

The article recaps comments by Sir Ken Robinson regarding dropout prevention.

The article appealed to me in that it helped connect some of my thoughts regarding the questions I posed in a previous blog post.

Some of the points highlighted in the article include:

If what we now call “alternative education” methods became mainstream… we wouldn’t be discussing the dropout rate.”

“For any student, the classroom they sit in is the education system and that’s what they’re dropping out of.”

…the kids who get into quality alternative programs fall in love with learning because they’re getting an individualized experience—and the support they need to address particular life challenges….

…change begins at the classroom level.

Every teacher has the ability to take the time to build relationships with students, make her classroom an engaging environment, and connect students with “real world opportunities in local creative industries and higher education.”

School-wide solutions… depend on having a school principal with a strong vision and a willingness to ditch current school customs.

…we shouldn’t expect to reform the entire system in one or two years. Instead, a ten-year plan that’s well thought-out and truly student-centered is what’s needed to change the alternative into the mainstream.

Being new to blogging and Twitter, I didn’t cast my previous posts out widely, but I am still interested in the thoughts of others regarding these issues.

Thanks Sir Ken!

Now… to develop a plan….


What do you think?

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